• “Safe and Secure is a MUST-HAVE resource for families who are thinking about their family member’s future – and who doesn’t think about the future? It covers all the essentials that you need to know now, or will in the near future. I reference Safe and Secure often – it is both informative and empowering. I try to tell every family I meet about this book and why they need a copy – it’s that good.”

    Sylvie Zebroff, educator and parent
  • “Safe and Secure has been an invaluable resource families and people with disabilities since it first appeared. This new addition not only brings the same practical, accessible and value based information of previous editions but has added new critical content to enhance its already ‘must have status’. I have used Safe and Secure in courses for families and self-advocates as well as a teaching tool for my students and have only had positive reviews. We are indeed blessed in BC to not only have more than our fair share of innovators and leaders in the disability world, but to have in such leaders people who have the talent and commitment to communicate their messages in ways which are accessible and readily applicable to the lived experience of people with disabilities and their families. This new edition of Safe and Secure does all of this in spades. As a Dad, a disability rights advocate and an academic I urge everyone to read and share this remarkable resource that get better with each new edition.”

    Tim Stainton, MSW, PhD Professor and Director, UBC School of Social Work & Centre for Inclusion and Citizenship
  • “Safe & Secure is an invaluable resource for families and friends gathering around the long-term well-being and independence of individuals with disabilities. It is rooted in person-focused empathy and a commitment to inclusion and to seeing the ability. Safe & Secure is both gift and guidance to families and frankly, to anyone wanting to build competencies to be a better advocate, ally, neighbour and friend.”

    Catherine Ludgate, MMCCU Manager, Community Investment, Vancity
  • “PLAN is the innovator of the Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) and we can recommend this book to anyone seeking to learn about this innovative savings plan. The authors are well known for their work helping families with children with disabilities. We are delighted to see that this book has been updated.”

    Jane Dyson, Executive Director, Disability Alliance British Columbia
  • “Safe and Secure is an excellent resource for individuals and their families to assist with estate & RDSP planning. Several editions form part of MSA Society for Community Living’s resource library and is continually in demand by families. It is an excellent read, filed with useful tips and information. I am looking forward to the new edition!”

    Arlene Schouten, Individual & Family Support, MSA Society
  • “When doing any kind of future planning, it’s crucial to have a strong base. For families with a son or daughter with disabilities, Safe and Secure has been, and will continue to be, one of the best ways to get that base for their estate planning. It’s a book I recommend to many of my clients.”

    Halldor K. Bjarnason, Barrister & Solicitor, Access Law Group
  • “The Safe and Secure book is a great resource and required reading for individuals and their families living with a disability. The 2015 Expanded RDSP edition provides excellent information on the Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) as well as helps individuals plan for a good life with a unique seven step process. BMO is proud to partner with a world class organization such as PLAN and we continue to be inspired by the great work they do for individuals and families all across Canada.”

    Trevor Philp, CIM | Senior Manager, Registered Products and Managed Solutions BMO Global Asset Management
  • “This book is an excellent resource for all families to read. It provides clear direction on where to find answers, as well as brings up questions we hadn’t even thought to ask. Well done!”

    David Pasko, Mortgage Broker
  • “Congratulations to PLAN on its newest edition of Safe and Secure. This book is a valuable resource for families with members with disabilities and one that I highly recommend as a starting point for those contemplating the development of an estate plan. The needs of family members with disabilities are unique and Safe and Secure gives families a foundation of knowledge to build upon as they embark on the journey to provide their loved ones with a “Good Life”. “

    Ken M Kramer, QC, Estates and Trusts Lawyer with KMK Law Corporation
  • “The Safe and Secure book is an essential resource for families with loved ones with a disability. Well
    written and easy to understand, the book is an excellent starting point for families to learn about, and
    begin planning for, secure and brighter futures for their loved ones. The extensive use of case studies is a
    great way to help explain planning concepts, and the format makes it quick and easy to source answers to
    specific topics. It is also comprehensive and includes helpful worksheets-we highly recommend the book.”

    Tom O'Dwyer, Ability Tax and Trust Advisors
  • LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this book!! felt so encouraged reading this know that by enabling myself I was enabling my daughter to have the future she deserves, a certain amount of freedom.

    Tannis Lewinske

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